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Of ‘P’ & ‘S’

March 2, 2012


 I was surprised at myself this morning. As I was brushing my teeth, I found myself thinking about my DD (referred to as “S’) and her friend ‘P’. For all I know, S & P might not meet again.

S thinks the world of P. She has considered him to be her best friend since she started playschool and for the last 1 ½ years. P stays very close to my mom’s place, which is where S spends her mornings and evenings on week-days. So, P & S used to meet at the local park also on most evenings. Every other day, mom used to regale us with tales of how the two of them fought at the park. On some days she used to pull away a crying and ready to pounce S away from P and other days it was P’s grandpa’s turn to lure away a screaming P away from the park.

How much ever they fought, P’s was the name S uttered the most at home. ‘Amma, you know what P did at school today?’ ‘Amma, P eats so many chocolates. He will get germs in his teeth, no?’ ‘Amma, P left his thatha’s hand and ran by himself on the road while coming back from school’… The list of what P did was endless. She is also very close with P’s grandpa whom she also calls ‘thatha’. We used to be surprised at how well she gets along and totally uninhibited with him. And on his part, P’s thatha is equally affectionate towards her.

And so when my mom announced one day that P’s family was shifting away from the locality, I heaved a sigh of relief! No more tantrums at the park, no more demands to buy things exactly like P has (S got a red bicycle because P had a red one) were my first thoughts. But instantly, I felt sad for my daughter. The very first friend of her life was soon going to move away. Will they even remember each other after a few years? Maybe they would, but just about vaguely. Even if they were to meet after a few months or years, this totally innocent phase of their friendship can never be revived.

A couple of days back, I heard from my mom that P has not been coming to school or even to the park from the last few days. ‘He is down with cold it seems’, my mom said. Then two days back, I was told that P was at the park that evening and P & s played for more than an hour together! What she said next made me cringe.’ They are going to be shifting this week-end’. Oh, the move was so close then. ‘Poor S’, I thought, she is going to be missing him. I suddenly realised that there were no snaps of P & S together. There was a school snap, but nothing with only the two of them together. I told my mom to take the camera to the park the next day and click snaps of them at play.

As luck would have it, P didn’t turn up at the park yesterday. My mom met his grandmom at the park and was told that P had been dropped at his maternal grandparents’ house because of the shifting that was going to happen over the week-end. Only if I had got the photo idea earlier….

Coming back to this morning, I don’t know why these thoughts came rushing to me as soon as I woke up. As I dragged myself to the wash, I could feel tears pricking my eyes. And this is what completely took me by surprise. I was feeling sad because my baby’s first friend was moving away! I had thought that my days of getting emotional about friends moving away were over. But it seems to have made a come -back, albeit in a different way. Sigh, I guess this is only the beginning of many more such ‘mommy’ feelings.



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