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Of ‘P’ & ‘S’ – Part 2

March 9, 2012

There is a twist in the tale..So P, whose family was to have shifted last week, are doing so only this week-end! P has even been attending school this week. Yay! so happy for my daughter 🙂

S’s school had a class photo session also this week. My mom tells me that she has clicked snaps of P & S this noon and also along with some of their other friends. Yay again!

S‘s school annual day is tomorrow and she has been dancing day in and day out. Not only to her song but also to the songs that other kids are going to be dancing to. It is so cute to see her dacne, sing and also mimic the background music. Just waiting for tomorrow’s event.

Her birthday is the day after, on Sunday. I have invited a few of her friends from school. Preparation wise, we are going to be ordering the cake this night. Other things, well.. we are doing them only tomorrow or sunday morning.This is going to be one memorable week-end.


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