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School Ritual Begins

April 11, 2012

We went to S’s new school this morning. This is going to be her school for the next 10+ years. She has graduated from play school to a regular school. We had been to her school for giving her uniform measurement. We had been asked to come between 10 am to 3 pm. We managed to reach there by 9.30 am itself. As expected, there were about 4 parents who had come even before us. They issued tokens to parents, which was a big relief! Otherwise there would have definitely been a big mayhem. The shoe measurements were taken at about 10 ‘o’ clock and by 10.45, uniform measurements were also taken. In the meantime, S amused herself by playing on a big slide which had been placed indoors. I was amused when she called me in between her play and said ‘ amma pushing’! which meant other kids were pushing her at play. She is certainly grown up fast. Her dad and I didn’t have to stand near her when she was playing. We just kept an eye on her from across the hall and she was fine playing by herself. Such a transformation from her initial days at play school when she would want one of us with her while she would play after some Parents’ meeting. After giving the measurement, she again explored her class rooms-she had previously done this when we were there to pay her admission fee last month. I was excited about today as this is the beginning of a set of her school rituals which we would be witnessing every year for the next decade.


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