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April 14, 2012

S, hubby, MIL and I were having our dinner. I was almost finished and the others were yet to . Suddenly, S said, ‘ all the three of us are eating curd rice!’. Wishing to correct her maths, I asked, ‘ How many of us are here, S?’ She starts counting, pointing to each one, ‘ One, two, three, four!’ ‘Then why did you say ‘three of us’ previously?’ ‘Amma, you have almost finished yours, no? That’s why I said three of us’ !!!


I had introduced ‘good touch’ and ‘bad touch’ to S a few months back. Sometimes she refers to her crotch as ‘bad touch’. Last night, when she was sitting on the potty, she asked me, ‘ Amma, does your ‘bad touch’  also look like mine?’ Now, this is something she asks me almost every other day and I always respond with an ‘yes’. I did the samething last night too. She continued,’ All girls’ ‘bad touch’ and ‘potty place’ look the same no, amma?’ (she meant the crotch and rear). I nodded. ‘Boys have same ‘potty place’ but different bad touch no, amma?’ Again, I nodded in the affirmative. ‘Why is the boys’ ‘bad touch’ design different amma? I like that design only..I want like that’. I was like ‘What!!!’. Well, all I could tell her was’ That’s how God has given to boys and girls S. We can’t change them’. Thankfully, she didn’t continue the converstion after this. Whew!!


S and I were having a random conversation, when S asked me, ‘ Is there a kutty paapa (small baby) in your tummy, amma?

Me: ‘No S. You were the kutty paapa in my tummy and you have already come out’

S: ‘SN has a kutty paapa at her house’ (SN= her friend)

SN does not have a sibling , so I assumed SN must have referred to some cousin.

Me: ‘Ok..’ and wondering where was the conversation leading..

S: ‘ I also want a kutty paapa in our house’

Me: ‘Ok S.. let us see’

S: ‘ Amma, I told SN that there is a kutty paapa in our house also’

Me: ‘Why did you say that S? You should not say things chumma no?’

S: ‘No amma, I did not say chumma’. She proceeds to lift her dress and point at her navel. ‘See amma, my kutty paapa is here no, that’s why I said that’


PS: She has the habit of referring to her navel as her baby at times. Still wondering where she got that idea from.



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  1. Just came across your blog.. nice moments.. hey na??
    sometimes i really wonder how they know so much information when we are not talking them even in front of them..

    • Hi Shaktii, Welcome here!
      yeah..true! They observe a lot, but even I wonder how they know about the other ‘so not very obvious things’!

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