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S visits Amma’s office

April 16, 2012

One of S’s long pending desire of visiting my office got fulfilled on Friday. Hubby (referred to as ‘V’ here) and S landed at my office at 6 in the evening. I was in the middle of typing a mail to a client and heard footsteps near my workstation and turning my head, who do I see? S, followed by V ! Of course, V had called me up an hour back and said that he would be bringing S to my office.  S had left home in the morning itself and gone to a couple of places with her Thatha (My dad) and was at his office when V decided to pick her up from there and come to mine.

So, on seeing me S squealed. I too squealed back . It was the first time she was coming to my workplace and I was excited to see her too! The mail was temporarily forgotten and I hugged her and showed her around my place. It being a festival week-end, there was hardly anybody else around. After a while, I asked V to care of S so that I could finish my work and wrap up for the week-end.

As I got back to the waiting –to be –finished mail, S appeared behind me again.

Me: ‘What S? Where is Appa?’

S: ‘Amma, I want to sit here with you’

Me (muttering to myself that her dad can’t take care of her even for a few minutes):’Ok S. But don’t disturb Amma, ok? ‘ and pulled a chair for her.

I was trying to conclude the mail while having an eye on S getting on and off the chair. In a few seconds, she came to me with a contorted face and said’ Amma, I want to do potty’. What!! Potty, in the office!! And just when I was trying to send a mail! I thanked God that my boss was not at office then and hurried with her to V who was waiting at the reception.

Me: ‘She wants to do potty, V!’

V: ‘oh..ok’

What was I expecting? That he would snatch her from my hands and rush her to the loo? No, Not V. His expression conveyed that he was going to do none of that. I hurriedly pulled her behind me and rushed to the loo. And in my exasperation, pulled down her pants and chuddy and made her sit on the potty. S sat there bending a little forward and holding on to the tap in front for support. I was standing between the door and the potty thinking things can’t get weirder than this. S started her chatter there also.

S: ‘Amma! Why did you remove my slippers? You are still wearing yours’

Only then I realise that in my hurry, I had stripped her down completely!

Me: ’Err..S, you are still small right, I thought it would be difficult for you to sit on the potty with your slippers’

The chatter stops for some time and then she says: ‘Amma, your little (toe) finger is coming out of your slipper. Change the size of your slipper. See, how your little finger is out’

What! I am just waiting for her to finish the ‘job’ and get back to my work and she is analysing footwear!

Me: ‘S! Just finish it fast. Amma has to finish her work’

S: ‘Wait Amma. I am still going no’

Hmmph… Anyway she was done and I pulled her down after cleaning her. Then rushed her to the corner to make her wear her pants.

S:’Amma, everyone comes here only to wear their chuddies after doing potty?’


So there, S has made her first visit to her amma’s office unforgettable (for her amma).

More on the ride back home from office in the next post.


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  1. Amma, everyone comes here only to wear their chuddies after doing potty? – hahahaha !!!

  2. Hey really funny, she ensured that the day was unforgettable 🙂

    • Hi techie2mom, Thanks for dropping by ..glad you liked it .Yeeh, she just made it unforgettable and I will make it even more unforgettable for her by narrating (or showing her this blog) when she grows up 😀

  3. Ha ha, that was funny! Kids idea of things we do! And I have taken my kids to do potty in every mall, restaurant, tourist place we’ve visited:)

    • He he! Kids seem to have a strange fascination for doing potty in all places outside of their home!

      And welcome here chattywren!

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