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Traffic ticket

April 26, 2012

V (the husband) got a  traffic violation penalty letter the day before yesterday. We saw some letters sticking out of  the mail box on tuesday night when we reached my parents’ house. We drop S at their place in the mornings and pick her up on the way back home in the evenings. Yes, they have been providing ‘day-care’ facility for my daughter for the last couple of years 🙂

Apart from a magazine ( Tinkle ) which the doting dad has subscribed to for his daughter who will be able to read it only after a few years, there was an inland letter for V. I handed over the magazine to V and flipped to see who had to sent an inland letter to V. Now , V gets all kinds of letters by post and courier but all of them in sealed envelopes. So, I was curious as to where the inland letter was from.

It turned out the letter was sent by the Traffic Police Department. ‘V! you have got a penalty notice from the traffic police!’, I exclaimed. He promptly discarded the magazine  and tore open the letter. On reading it, he realised that he had been penalised INR 100 for driving without a helmet on 14th April at 10.57 am. And the place where the ‘offense’ had been noticed was way far from our place. The vehicle registration number mentioned in the letter matched his. But V had not really ventured out on that particular day as it was a Saturday and even if he had , it would have been locally and not to the place mentioned in the letter.

We were kind of confused. After much discussion, we thought it would be better for V to visit the place from where the letter had been sent and check out what could be done, as that place was located near his office area.

So, yesterday,when he went there, he  was initially told  to contact the traffic police station where the offense was noticed. But when V requested them if they could just find out if the compliant was manually noted by a traffic cop or had been from a  camera image, one of the men there actually obliged to do it! Now, I don’t know if it is part of their job but was really surprised when V mentioned that one of the men called up the traffic police cell and asked them to get back with the details of the compliant. After a while, they called him back and mentioned that the complaint was based on a camera image. So, this man asked them to send him the image and when he got it, V and he saw that the vehicle in the image was an Activa, which is not what V has. But, the registration number was the same it seems! KA ** AB**** on the Activa was actually V’s bike’s number but on closer inspection, they realised that though the ‘A’ in the image was the same, the ‘B’ was not very clear, but it still looked like ‘B’ almost 98%.

So, the man there typed in some combinations of the number and finally got hold of a similar number which was KA ** AD**** and whose owner’s address happened to be close to the place where the offense was noticed! He then asked V to give a compliant stating that he has been wrongly penalised and that the registration number of his bike seems to be duplicated and misused. ‘Only if you mention ‘misuse’ our guys will take quick action’ is what that man told V it seems!

‘So did you give him something?’, was what I asked V when he told me this in the evening. Was I surprised whenn he replied in the negative! I mean, a Government official, not expecting anything ( for something that might have even been a part of his job) and to top it, speaking in English! That’s as rare as sighting a sparrow in the city now a days. They all ( Government aapise people, not the sparrows) insist on speaking Kannada only, no matter what language you talk to them and since V is yet to learn the language, it must have been such a huge relief for him.

Anyway, I was more than relieved to hear all this from V. My mood was completely rotten yesterday and the day at office had only spoilt it even more. So, this incident really lifted up my spirits and made me believe in the existence of  ‘kindred souls’ around us and especially in GOs.

And to top it all, it rained in Bengaluru last evening! Yesssss, such a respite from the scorching sun this year. V & I got drenched in the pleasant drizzle on our way back home. Yay, what a day!


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  1. Wow, a traffic cop so helpful who didn’t ask for bribe!!! hope this is the sign of good times ahead!!
    and you had an unplanned rain-bike date?!?!? 😀

    • Yeah..but not actually a traffic cop but some official who works in the department..
      I didn’t think of it that way..yes, a rain-bike date it was 🙂

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