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May 25, 2012

Writing a post on how I chose S’s name had been there on my mind from quite sometime and after reading RM’s post , wanted to do so now.

My hunt for name searching began as soon as V and I decided to go in for our baby. Talk about thinking ahead!  Plan for the future and forget the present , so very typical of me.

 Any browsing on the net was incomplete without a name search. At that time, all that mattered to me was that the name should be appealing and with some sensible meaning. When I was younger, I used to like the name ‘Neha’ a lot. When ever I used to think about my future kids, the names would be from ‘N’. Even the dream husband’s name would be from N! Anyway V just got lucky as the ‘N’ phase faded away as I grew up.

So, my name search just continued  through most of my pregnancy. I don’t think V bothered as much. Once in a while he would come up with some name and I would be like ‘no way’!. There were so many nice sounding and lovely names but I could not zero in on any one. All the search used to leave me with head aches and I finally gave up and decided to give it a break. ‘Let the baby come out first’, I used to tell V, ‘we will decide then’.

Finally S arrived. And  then we had only 11 days for the naming ceremony. I began to get anxious again. The same thing- no name seemed appealing, now that I had at last seen my baby. And no, I didn’t ask for any suggestions as I thought that would only confuse things even more. I was adamant that I should be the one to find the name for my daughter.

Then, on the third day, just as I woke up in the morning at the hospital, S’s present name popped in my head. I mean, just like that. And very surprisingly, in all those months of searching, I had never once come across that name! No, her name is not an unique or uncommon  name but this name had evaded my thoughts for so long! That was it, I was hooked to the name. It was all the more special as it started with ‘S’- I have a fascination for this alphabet I think.

None of our relatives had this name nor did any one in our circle of friends. I shared the name with V and he  liked it too. By dropping the S in her name, you get another name as well, but I was interested in the ‘S’ name only. And it could also be shortened in to a nice pet name. Again, not uncommon but still sweet. Since V didn’t come up with anything more interesting, ‘S’ itself was decided.

When we shared the name with the others, everyone liked it. No body had anything to say against it. My brother was super thrilled that his darling niece was to share a name starting with the same alphabet as his. My chitti did mention that she thought we would come up with something from a combination of mine and V’s name but she liked S’s name as well.Actually, I had thought of ‘combination’ names but the resulting names were so common and I didn’t really like them enough to give them to my daughter. And should I mention that I just envy couples who are so well name co-ordinated that they can just combine parts of their names and give a fancy name to the offspring!

So ‘S’ she is.It was a case of the name choosing the baby. We gave her 7 names totally during the naming ceremony- Her official name ‘S’,one name after the star she was born under, my granny and great granny’s names, V’s aunt’s name, family goddess name  and another name with ‘A’ which I had liked. Inspite of these 7 names, her birth certificate doesn’t carry her name and she is only mentioned as baby of N and V in that.  The hospital sent her BC for registration the second or third day itself and we decided on her name only after that. Talk of having so many names and still be ‘nameless’ on your BC!

And so, when I told one of my friends about S’s name, she was like she would never forget my daughter’s name as it was the heroine’s name in  a popular movie! And to think that I had not watched that movie till then! Even now, I haven’t watched the complete movie, just watched bits and pieces of it to hear the heroine’s name in it 🙂

The other day, V and I went to the bank for some formalities and filled up some forms. The Branch Manager(BM) got all excited on seeing S’s name on the form.

BM: Oh! Your daughter’s name is S! My daughter’s name is also S!

Me: Ok!

BM: So why did you name her as S?

Me: Err..that was the name that first came to my mind at the hospital and I just loved it..

BM: Ok.. I watched this movie some 7 times and really liked the heroine’s name in it. That’s why named my daughter as ‘S’

I give him a knowing laugh 🙂

S once asked me why did I give her that name and I replied that I liked the name a lot and that’s why. She was like, “Amma, I like the name ‘P’ very much. Why didn’t you give me that name?’. So I told her , ‘P is a boy’s name. You are a girl, no? Amma liked your name a lot and that’s why gave you that name. P’s amma would have liked that name and so has given P that name, ok?’. She seemed to understand.She nodded her head and left it at that.

May be she will grow up and end up not liking her name because it is not ‘unique’ or ‘different’. But to me her name is the sweetest and I love it more than my name!



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  1. Hey nice post, even i went through a lot of web search to find that perfect name for Zini 🙂
    i actually was looking for names for girls and boys from all Rashis, but couldn’t complete the project, and Zini got one of the most difficult rashi 😦
    so finally we went for a name that hubby and i liked though it is not as per her rashi 🙂

    • This rashi thing complicates the naming right..good you found a name you liked ..I like the name Zini too 🙂

      • yeah, we found a name we liked but it is not as per her Rashi, i don’t really care much about it, but my dad sure was upset, not for long though…
        Thanks, Zini is a one of her many nick names 🙂

  2. 7 names?? OMG.. 😮 n a nameless BC.. Haha.. 🙂

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