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Big Bang – 1

June 25, 2012

Last Saturday..

About 9.45 in the night..

V was not in town and as is usual when he and MIL are not in town, my brother was coming to our place for the night. I had come to my parents’ place that afternoon with S and after dining out with amma, sis and bro, S & I along with brother set out to our place. Just as we were about tot start, it drizzled a little. Appa offered to drop us in the car but i refused as he himself was not keeping well and my brother had to come back home the next morning and appa would have to drive once again to pick him up. We stay just about 3-4 kms away fom my parents’ place and my brother always gets his bike when he comes there.

Most of the times, he doesn’t wear a helmet when he is coming there inspite of repeated reminders from us. But that night, we had to force him to wear it. Though it drizzled for two minutes and stopped, we didn’t want him to catch a cold as he was just getting better from a bout of cold he hed caught last week. I realised that I had not got S’s scarf along but mine was in my bag and like a dutiful mother wrapped it around her head and took an umbrella with me jut in case it started pouring mid way. I made her sit in the middle between me and my brother to make it easier to sheild her with an umbrella in case of rain.

My brother ( Referred to as SR from now on) started the bike and headed in the opposite direction to the one we usually take. It didn’t really matter since we could go home on any one of the numrous roads from there. The roads were deserted considering the time and we were just chatting with S and riding by. We left the residential road and were nearing a junction beyond which was a stretch of commercial establishments. Four roads merged at the junction and it is a usual, mostly residential and patly commercial area, except that the junction is not exactly perpendicular and is a bit tricky if you are not watching out.

We were halfwayy through the junction and suddenly saw a Maruti van with it’s headlights on coming at full speed from the left. All I remember is gasping at the speed of the van and it’s headlights that were so close. The next second I was on the ground and could hear S’s piercing cry. It was just two minutes since we had left home.

And suddenly from nowhere, I heard so many anxious voices above me  trying to help me up. I had fallen on my right side and only remember seeing everything in dark, though the halogen street lights were on. I tried to get up and go to S but just couldn’t move my left leg. I had no clue where she or SR were, and S’s cry was not from near, though she had been sitting on my lap. The first things I said were, ” I juts can’t move and please get my specs..they have fallen some where.. my daughter..” . Luckily, some one managed to retrieve my specs and hand it to me and I was finally heaved up and moved to the pavement and made to sit there. And even though I couldn’t walk, I managed to slip my feet in to my slippers that had fallen down. Yes, some people have their priorities right even during a crisis ! Someone offered me water , but I refused it as I wasn’t thirsty, but in hindsight it seems so foolish. I told them to give it to my daughter and then she was brought and made to sit next to me. She was crying incosolably and I couldn’t even lift her. I just hugged her and she seemed to calm down. I was asked who else was with me and someone said there is a guy and it was assumed it was my hubby. I told them that it was my brother.

I was surprised at the crowd that had gathered at that hour and even more at the help that was pouring in. Bottles and jugs of water were passed on to us. blood was trickling down my face and someone took my hanky from my hands, wet it and pressed it near my left eyebrow. Just then, SR came in to view . He came limping and sat down. We were asked if somebody had to be informed or if they could call an ambulance. SR told them that our dad was on his way. Meanwhile, someone told us that our bags were safe and we needn’t worry about them. I saw a lady in a white kurta with my handbag and another bag that I was carrying. Another lady asked me if I would like some water poured on my left knee where it was hurting. I nodded and she did that.  S didn’t visibly hurt but she had stopped crying but was in shock.

Then I saw my Parents and sister approaching us and they went to S to lift her up. She started crying loudly again and someone suggested that sh e be left with me for somtime. Finally someone-don’t remember appa, or amma or sister, coaxed her and lifted her up from there. We had to be taken to a hospital and a couple of them actually offered to take us in their cars! Our family friends also came there and then  appa, sister and S got in to appa’s car. Amma, SR and I got in to another car and we have no idea who that person is. They handed over our bags and asked us to check if all our valubles were safe. i didn’t bother and just asked my sister to collect them. I wanted to thank the people who had helped us, though I couldn’t thank each one personally. I managed to wave at everyone like a politician  at call out ‘thank you all so much’. One man came up to amma and took down our contact number and said that we could get in touch with him if we needed any help and that he was from the media. We thnked him and though it was in the back of my mind that we didn’t have his contact number, I was in no state to ask him for his and note it down somewhere. The lady in white kutra also asked us to be brave and I nodded to her. Another man came upto amma and told her not to worry. I was overwhelmed. none of us could beleive that we had received so much of help from all those good samaritans whom we might in all probability nver meet again.

I must post our visit to hospitals and all other related things in the next post. For now, I shall conclue that I have a fracture on my left leg, SR has a fracture on his left hand and by God’s grace, S has escaped unhurt!


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  1. Oh my God….Hugs to you Nithvin.
    Thank God that S was not hurt. Take care.
    It’s really great of people to come forward to help…But at the same time, the irresponsible maruti Van driver is making me furious..

    • Thanks T2M..
      We don’t really know who was driving it, but have decided not to press any charges..They did come o the hospital and have agreed to bear the medical expenses, so let’s see..Nobody has the energy at home now to go for a police case

  2. OMG!!! Hope you are feeling better now.Take care!

  3. greenboochi permalink

    OMG!!!! This wasnt something I was expecting as I started reading the post… Hope you all are feeling better now… Thank God, S escaped.. and it feels good to know that many ppl came fwd to help you guys..

    Take care..

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