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The Message

July 19, 2012

‘Congrats! Heard you are getting married..’  She finally sent the message after staring at the words for a few minutes. She had been thinking from morning if she should be sending the message. It was close to noon now and she felt relieved to have finally sent it. Now all that remained was to wait for the response.

She kept staring at her mobile every few minutes to see if she had missed any calls or had received a new message. She  began getting restless. Had she got the numbers right from her memory ? She had not saved the number on her phone and had just typed the numbers she had memorised almost a month ago. Her mind kept imagining all the possible replies she might receive. It just didn’t help that all this was in the middle of a busy workday.

Her heart leaped when she noticed her phone screen beginning to light up..But wait! Her phone was ringing and not beeping ! It was not an incoming  message, but a call! The pounding in her heart became louder when she recognised the STD code preceding the strange land line number. She knew that it had to be from the person from whom she was expecting a reply message, but why was he calling her? She had not expected this. She took a deep breath and picked up the phone.

“Hello!” She tried to keep her voice steady.

“Hello?” The male voice continued, ” This is V from Chennai. I got a message from this number in the morning. Who is this?”

“Err..This is N” she mumbled, holding her breath for the reaction from the other end.

“N? from Bangalore?” the other end cried excitedly.

She flushed. “How many N’s does he know”, she thought to herself.  She decided to be impish with him.

“No, N from Pune”, she said with a suppressed grin.

“From Pune! How did you get to know about my marriage ..”, he sounded surprised.

She just couldn’t take it anymore. “This is N, from Bangalore! “, she burst out.

“What! N !” There was no missing the shocked surprise in his voice.

” Yes! And how many N’s do you know by the way”, she inquired haughtily.

“, just you “, he said sheepishly. She started to laugh. ” Then why did you sound convinced when I told you I was N from Pune?”, she was not going to miss her chance to pull his leg.

” When you said you were from Pune, I assumed you must be my colleague K’s wife”, he replied.

” My God! I can’t believe you didn’t recognise my voice”, she tried to sound miffed.

“Sorry!”, he tried to pacify her. Of course, he was  sweet enough not to mention that it was the first time he was hearing her voice on the phone and it might have been different from her voice in person. She was after all going to be his fiancée soon and he couldn’t afford to annoy her. Their alliance had been finalised only two days ago and he had not even in his wildest dreams expected such a message from her!

That message and the resultant phone call paved the way for the courtship between the two in the short one month preceding their engagement . She later got to know from his close friend and colleague CK that she had seen him blush for the first time after that first phone call to her.  She never missed an opportunity to remind him that she had taken the first step to contact him. He knew he couldn’t have the last word on that.


He was at office and she at home. She messaged him a little after noon. Her phone rang in a couple of minutes.

“What message was that?”, he sounded anxious.

“What message?”, she asked him back.

“Congrats! Heard you are getting married..”, he read it seriously.

“Yes. What date is it?”, she inquired.

“Oh..ok!  I got it! Your first message to me all those years ago!”, his voice was relaxed now.

“Precisely!”, she replied. He then hung up and she went back to her Internet surfing.

Ah, some messages never fail to shock surprise some people!


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  1. Sujatha permalink

    nicely written !!

  2. Great twist at the end of the story. I enjoyed reading it!:)

  3. A very sweet story! Can believe it can happen in real life too!

  4. Ah ! Now I know what you meant 🙂 Very nicely written this one ! Awesome twist 🙂
    Following you!

    • Thanks kismitoffeebar ! Glad you found it nice 🙂
      And welcome here ..Am following you too 🙂

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