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My Little Friend

August 5, 2012

I am the kind of person who doesn’t believe in wishing ‘Happy Friendship Day’ . And of course, am too old to be getting ‘friendship’ bands tied on my wrist. But this year , a purple satin band adorns my wrist.

Let me digress a little before I proceed with this.

S’s school had asked to send a friendship band with the kids on Friday. We guessed that the teacher would tie each kid’s band to a classmate and celebrate friendship day  in class. We sent a band with S to school. We were waiting to see whose band she would come home with.

She came home crying that noon from school. She had ‘lost’ the band her teacher had tied on her right wrist. The band was from her classmate A. S was inconsolable and sobbed that the band had become loose on her wrist and must have fallen down in the bus. She asked me to check up the sleeve of her jacket in the hope that the band might be ‘hiding’ there. When it was not to be found, her crying intensified.

We tried to pacify her by offering to buy another band in the evening, but she would have nothing of that. She wanted the exact replica of what her friend’s band had been. ‘Yellow colour’, she insisted. It took all of mine and amma’s collective efforts to get her to stop crying. Finally she agreed to let us buy another band in the evening.

In the evening, it was raining and S seemed to have forgotten about the band. We left it at that. I knew she would bring it up soon, but decided not to remind her. As luck would have it, as soon my sister got back in the night, she brought up the ‘friendship band’ topic without knowing the storm that had blown in the noon.

S’s crying started again. Again, our negotiating and placating skills were utilised to the maximum and I told S that her chitti ( my sister) had a band and would give it her. I was sure that my sister would find at least a thread at home that could be hopefully passed off as a band to S.

She found a fancy string that had come with an invitation and with some persuasion, we successfully passed it off as a band to S. That string band adorned S’s wrist and she showed it off to others at home. Hah! Kids and their naiveté!

So, coming back to the opening lines of this post, today’s newspaper came with  a band pinned on it. My sister showed it to S and mentioned that it was a friendship. S promptly asked her to remove it from the paper and give it to her. She took the purple satin tape from her and hurried over to my side, ignoring my sister’s extended wrist.

‘Amma, this is for you !’ , she said and proceeded to tie it on my wrist. I was so touched by her gesture and extended my hand to get the coveted band.

So, how was your friendship day? Did you get or give anything memorable to a loved one this year.. Go on, share it !


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  1. Aaah.. I so miss the frienship bands, from the childhood 🙂 S and I like alike in most aspects.. I would have behaved exactly same if I lost my friendship band 🙂 I lost my fav watch once and still trying to find a similar watch.. if I need to replace my lost watch, it has to be the same 😛
    so cute of her to tie the ribbon on you! And thankfully her Chitti saved her by finding that string 🙂

    • GB, I think you and S should be giving each other lots of ‘same pinch’ 🙂
      Her chitti saved herself and us more than S 🙂 We were near exhaustion in trying to pacify S.

  2. Wow!!! Happy friendship day, so sweet of S to tie the band on your wrist 🙂
    I didn’t get any band 😦

    • Don’t worry T2M..Now that Zini has started school, she will get all these ‘concepts’ soon and am sure you’ll get one next year 🙂

  3. Such a beautiful post really 🙂 don’t know why but I remembered a lot of moral science classes and secret letters to family. It was so so cute of her to give you that band 🙂 can’t stop reading the last few lines…..

    • Heheeee..Thank you Kismi !
      But why moral science classes & secret letters..sorry didn’t get the connection 😦

  4. Oh, in school, we were always told that our parents and siblings are our closest friends like God 🙂 and so, we had to do little acts that made them happy. I used to write small thank you letters to ma, pa and bro and put it in odd places , wish them on friendship day etc 🙂 that’s why, I remembered all that when I read this beautiful gesture :))

    • That’s so nice! How sweet..thank you letters to parents and siblings 🙂
      Glad the post brought back those memories 🙂

  5. So good to hear that you got a friendship band from S. Cheebu realized the seriousness of it only after a couple of days after going to daycare 🙂 so no friendship band for me 😦 BTW how old is S?

  6. She is a sweety pie! 🙂 🙂

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