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God, Where are you!!

August 24, 2012

S has taken to declaring that she is scared at night times since the last few days. As soon I pull up her blanket and adjust it according to her instructions and then lie down, she starts,  ‘Amma, I am scared’. To my prodding on  what was she scared of , she said she was scared of  ‘poochi’ (insect).  I have told her that there is nothing to get scared of and besides, I was just next to her. She could wake me up any time if she thought some ‘Poochi’ has come to attack her. Then, a couple of nights ago, I told her to recite a shloka and go to sleep.

Last night, she stated that she was scared again. I asked her to recite a shloka. ‘No Amma, I am still scared’, she said.This was how our conversation went:

Me: ‘ There is nothing to be scared of , S. Think of Ummachi (God). Ummachi will not let anything bad happen to you ‘

S: ‘ Amma. I want to see Ummachi (God) ‘

Me: ‘ We can’t see Ummachi. But Ummachi is here next to us. So don’t worry about any poochi. Just go to sleep’

S: ‘Why can’t we see Ummachi?’

Me: ‘Err.. We just can’t see Ummachi. But Ummachi is right here in this room to help us’

S: ‘ Oh, Ummachi has made himself invisible? ‘

Me: (Relieved to have got a lead from her ) ‘Yes, yes, Ummachi has made himself invisible’

S : ‘Amma, If I ask Ummachi to chase away any cat or rat if it comes to me in the night, he will do it? ‘

Me: ( thinking  how poochi has vanished and  it is cat and rat now )  ‘Yes S, he will’

S: ‘Amma, I want to touch Ummachi

Me: ‘ What! No, you can’t, S ‘

S: ‘Amma, I want to touch Ummachi. You know how? ‘ and proceeds to demonstrate by extending her fingers and touching the pillow gingerly.

Me : (Wondering where the conversation was leading to ) ‘No S, you can’t touch Ummachi. He will get tickled if you touch him’

S: (giggling)  ‘ Ummachi will get tickled? What will he do if he gets tickled?’

Me: ‘ He will laugh ha ha ha! S is tickling me ! ha ha ha! ‘

S is in a fit of laughter. Somehow, I manage to wrap up the conversation and S slowly enters zombie land.

Relieved, I snooze away too.

This morning, I am struggling to open my eyes and the movement next to me tells me S is already awake.

‘Amma’, she calls me. ‘What?’, I ask her, trying to draw her close to me and hug her. ‘I want to see Ummachi

‘GOD !’ was all that I could manage to scream.


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  1. Haiyo 🙄

    I dont think she will accept if you just give her a photo, right?

    • No, I don’t think so 😦

      • I really cant think of any other ideas 😦 hopefully she should forget this question tonight!

      • She’s already in snooze land today..all this only when I am next to her and she isn’t dog tired..Ummachi has saved me today 😀

  2. Lol!!! Very cute:) So finally S stopped asking about umachi?! enjoy!!!

    • She starts longing for ‘Ummachi’ only when it is time to sleep..will have to wait and watch what she does today 🙂

  3. 🙂
    Maybe you can try telling her that just like the air she can’t see Him but feel Him… don’t know if it will work though.

  4. haha. good luck with the questions / requests that are to follow night after night now 😀

  5. Ummachi only should save you 🙂 so utterly cute S is 🙂 I was in peels of laughter reading that part on tickling 🙂

  6. Hahahaha..Come on Ummachi..Little S is asking.. Come and get tickled..Plsss 🙂

  7. Lol! That was hilarious. You must keep updating this!

  8. Been so long. I want a post 🙂

    • You are such a sweetie kismi 🙂 Got back to work after a long time. So, got a bit busy. Would you believe that I was thinking of checking your blog some time soon because it has been a while since I dropped by at your’s ? Kind of clearing up my back log of checking recent posts of bloggers I follow. Will definitely do one post soon just for you :))

  9. hehehe I am literally ROFLing here…I too want to tickle umaachi 🙂
    God bless the little one….

    • Don’t know if you and S can tickle Umaachi, but you can definitely tickle S the next time 🙂
      And welcome here G!

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