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The Meet that was – Part 1

September 21, 2012

For a relatively newbie blogger like me, last Saturday was very special. I got to meet not one or two, hold your breath- seven bloggers under one roof ! And what a meeting it was !! When I think of it even now, it brings  a big smile on my face 🙂

The meet got initiated with RM‘s mail which announced her impending visit to B’lore. Things got kick started with all the bloggers on board the chain mail confirming that they would attend the meet. LLT offered to played host and invited everyone to her place.

The date and time was set. I informed V well in advance that he had to keep himself free on Saturday post noon.  I assigned him the not so enviable job of ferrying me and S to the meet and back home. The guy accepted it without a protest. Then came the catch- I learned that LLT’s spouse wouldn’t be around at home for the meeting. My man wanted to back off. Luckily, Seema wrote in saying that her husband would be accompanying her for the meet as he had to drop her and the kids. I heaved a sigh of relief and my man agreed to come once again.

As luck would have it, Seema’s husband had decided to go on some errand after dropping her and the kids at LLT’s place. Seema wrote to me again about her husband’s plans and I started to despair again. The girls were sweet to suggest that V could join us and that they would try not to make him feel out of place. But I knew V wouldn’t be easy to convince about joining a party with eight girls and be the lonely man out there.

V offered to drop me and S at LLT’s place and then loiter around till it was time to pick us back. I wasn’t OK with that. He simply refused to come in with us. I got irritated at one point and threatened declared that I would inform the others that I wouldn’t be attending the meet. Finally, I left it to him to decide what he wanted to do and concentrated on getting ready. I conveniently forgot about my threat and thankfully he didn’t remind me of it either 😀

Have I mentioned that I can be optimistically pessimistic ? I am, at times. The day on which RM was to travel, she got her foot injured. When she informed us about her twisted ankle in the evening, just a few hours before her train was due, I started wondering if RM would be able to make it to B’lore. So, the next morning, I messaged her asking about her foot. There was no reply. I decided to have positive thoughts and convinced myself that she might be busy tending to her ankle and kid on the train.

Now, RM and Summer Script (SS) were the only two bloggers among the other five that I knew from the blog world. I hadn’t come across most of the others’ blogs till then. I knew Seema was the mother of twins, but had not read her blog regularly. I was very eager to meet all of them, but my optimistically pessimistic inner voice kept wondering if I would meet them all. What if SS had to go on last minute shopping, now that she had announced about her wedding? Or RM had cancelled her trip to B’lore because of her ankle? And what if the others got busy with some other things at the last minute? How disappointing that would be!

With all these thoughts, I messaged LLT that I would call her that evening or the next morning to get directions to her place. I immediately got a call from her! I liked her pleasant and friendly voice. Here we were, two women talking about meeting each other the next day and we hardly knew each other! She was totally sweet to be inviting a stranger! I visited her blog that day just to make sure that I knew at least something about my hostess.

I had started preparing S a week in advance that she would be meeting many ‘babies’ and she could play with them the coming week. Saturday morning dawned bright and sunny. I messaged (what’s with me and messaging, huh?) LLT to double check that the meet was on. No reply. I tried calling her on her mobile and again no reply. ‘ She must be busy getting things ready’, I thought and dialed her land line number.  I don’t give up that easily sometimes 🙂

This time, LLT answered the call. See, this is what land lines are for- they make sure you hear them. Turned out that she had kept her mobile on silent mode and hadn’t noticed my call. She assured me that the meeting was on and that she would have informed me if at all it had been cancelled. Yeah, true! I hadn’t considered that 😦

I then got a call from Garima. We had caught up  earlier that week after we realised we would be attending the meet. Her husband was coming to drop her as well but we agreed that we couldn’t force the guys to join us for the meet. We decided to co -ordinate and go together from some closest common point and then hung up. Which never happened because of the rains.

Bangalore, which I fear is going to turn in to a desert soon, experienced an unexpected shower that evening. Any normal, parched for water Bangalorean would have rejoiced the rains. I too wanted to , but couldn’t help muttering about the timing. We just started and before we knew, huge drops came pelting down on us. Luckily, I had S’s raincoat with me. But in my hurry, I forgot to carry my jacket along, though I had an umbrella in my bag.

V stopped the bike in front of some shop and we hurried inside to take shelter. When the rain showed no signs of slowing down even after some 10 to 15 minutes, I messaged LLT that we were stuck in the rains. She asked us to be careful and take our time and come slowly.

As soon the rain reduced to a drizzle, we got on to the road again. V was riding a bit slower than usual just to be safe. I started praying that the skies don’t open up again that evening till we got back home after the meet. I * ahem * even promised a small offering to God if he would just fulfill my wish. Sigh! a bit shallow there, right..

Anyway, we had to stop once again briefly but God seemed to have taken some pity on me and the rain decided to take a break. We managed the rest of the commute uneventfully except that S lost her slippers as she had dozed off on the way 😎

We finally reached LLT’s place but not before bugging her a couple of times to get the direction to her place. We reached the building and no sooner had V started plotting his escape, LLT appeared on the balcony, as if by magic. She was flanked by a bunch of excited kids. She waved at us and sweetly coaxed V to come in saying that her dad was home to give him company. V couldn’t refuse the invitation and I heaved a sigh of relief 😀

PS 1: This is turning out to be long post. I’ll stop here and continue with the actual details of the meet in the next post.

PS 2: I learned much later that RM had forgotten her phone charger and couldn’t access her phone as the battery had completely drained.

PS 3: This happens to be my 25th Post. What a lucky co-incidence to be blogging about a Bloggers’ meet for this post *preens*


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  1. Hello Nithvin,
    I hopped over to your blog from RM’s blog. It’s great to read your side of the blogger meet of the story.
    Looking forward to the next part 🙂

    • Hi My Era! Thanks for dropping by here !
      Glad you liked reading my take..hope to put up the next part soon 🙂

  2. very exciting narration Nith!! looking fwd to the next part eagerly 🙂

    • Nice to see you back GB 🙂
      Missed having you at the meet.. Hoping to put up the next part soon..

  3. First thing first..congrats on 25th post…
    yup it was a memorable evening.You have captured minor details so very well…

    Hope to read the next part soon..keep blogging 🙂

  4. garima permalink

    where did my comment go ? 😦

  5. Wow! This was the blogger meet of the year I guess 🙂 Looking forward to reading more of your version about it 🙂

  6. Woohooo! got another write part 2 fast fast

    Darn Niths, you travelled SO MUCH! thanks rey, I really dont know what else to say..coming all the way with a broken leg on the mend, on a bike..please tell V I will do a shasthang namaskaram to him for sure next time we meet!

    • Aww you are too sweet RM 🙂
      Am so glad i could meet you all and the kids 🙂
      Arey, please don’t do any such thing..V will not show up for any more meet then 😀
      The next part is also up now 🙂

  7. ooooo I am havign a great tiem reading this 🙂 Over to the next part!

  8. Hey you guys enjoyed big time!!!!! Now come over here and let’s meet 🙂

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