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The Meet that was – Part 2

September 25, 2012

Have you read Part 1 of this? Take a look at it here, in case you haven’t.

V carried S up the stairs to LLT’s house (remember she had lost her slippers?). I walked in to the house, and suddenly felt a little lost for a micro second. We were the last ones to arrive and all the other gals appeared to have comfortably settled down by then.  ‘Hi Nithvin!’ , RM greeted me.  I had no trouble recognising her, as she is very close to her description in her blog, but for one thing- her weight. From no angle she looked like she weighed 70+ kgs. Lady, looks like your weighing scales have been deceiving you all along. Time to change them, ok? 😉

The others had to introduce themselves, as I had no clue as to who was who. The other two bloggers  who I hadn’t mentioned previously were Uma and Smitha. That made us eight girls and seven kids. In a few minutes, I too settled down comfortably. The kids had all come back inside by then and it was cute to see them all getting pre-occupied with the toys that caught their fancy.

S seemed to have decided to display only her good side that day ( I swear I didn’t force her to do it 😉 ). She started handing out the biscuit packets we had got for the kids. I got to see first hand of how close twins can be. Mannat had been playing by herself in a corner and S hadn’t yet noticed her. She gave one to Tamanna and saw R ( Uma’s son) next. So, she extended the next packet to him. Before R could realise what was happening, Tamanna took the packet and ran over to Mannat and handed it over to her. That was such a cute sight 🙂  R and S were wondering what happened and I then told S to hand over the next packet to R again.

There was a ‘squeaking’ chair- chair which squeaked when you sat and jumped on it! He he 🙂 It was the first time I was seeing one and had the chair not been  child sized and been a lot more bigger, I would have definitely tried jumping on it too 🙂 This chair was one of the star attractions of Chutku’s toys. He was a sweet heart to have agreed to let six other kids come and invade his place. The only time he seemed to have an objection was when S took a toy train and he immediately objected to it and asked her to keep it back. Apparently that was his favourite toy as he agreed to share another car with S. Kids ! 🙂

R (RM’s R) had managed to find a caterpillar toy which matched the colour of her dress. I was having some baby talk with her and asked her for her mother’s name. She kept shaking her head and jumping up and down on the squeaky chair and suddenly said ‘N—a!’.  No, that wasn’t her mother’s name, but she had very smartly thought of a name that rhymed with her’s . Poohi was the matured kid of the lot. She had immersed herself in a book, but after a while, got tempted by the commotion the other kids were making and joined them in having fun going up and down the stairs.

We girls were busy in our world, catching up with each other. Thanks to LLT’s mother who had an eye on the kids, we could take our minds off them. Smitha and I seemed familiar to each other, but strangely both of us weren’t able to figure out why. I realised that I had come across a post of Uma’s which was one of the winning posts in a contest and had for some weird reason, assumed her to be from Coorg. Turned out that she wasn’t.

Now, I can vouch that the rains follow RM. Why else do you think it rained in Bangalore that evening? We actually requested her to stay back here for some more time, so that the we could have more rain. But she just refused 😦 . Now you know who to blame for the dry spell since then, don’t you? 😉

Seema’s home made brownies were totally yummy. To me, the surprise package of the evening was SS. I had assumed her to be a total chatter box after reading her blog. That evening, she was more of a blushing bride – to – be :). We made her narrate her ‘love story’, which she did, blushing 🙂 . In between all this, we managed to eat some yummy things as well. There was samosa, bhel, sandwich, chips, brownies and ..that’s all I noticed.  And yes, rosagullas too!

Tamanna was very friendly. She and Garima aunty indulged in a very serious discussion. When the kids were munching the snacks, I suddenly saw Tamanna running towards S with a water bottle. She must be Seema’s little helper at home, isn’t she Seema? Mannat was the quiet and silent twin. R (Uma’s) came running to the service area and pointed at something outside and spoke very seriously in his kid lingo. I gave up my attempt to understand even after he repeated himself a couple of times and pretended to follow him 😀

Then came the ‘gifting’ part. The aunties handed out their gifts to the kids  and some gals had got gifts for the kids’ mothers and aunties too 🙂 . We then realised we hadn’t taken any snaps and V was the photographer of the evening. The kids weren’t as enthusiastic as their mothers and aunties and refused to pose for more than one snap. They seemed more interested in crowding around V and watch their mothers and aunties being clicked.

I started preparing S for our commute back home. I was tying her scarf and Poohi got very curious about it. She wanted to know what I was doing and why I was doing that. I explained to her that I was tying a scarf to protect S’s ear from the wind. It was cute to see her listen and comprehend what I was saying. RM’s R was close by and asked me where was my scarf as I had tied it only for S. I was totally floored by her concern. And thanks to RM, I was saved the trouble of coming back searching for my knee brace.

It was finally time to leave and being the late comers, it was only fair we left late ;). We left a couple of minutes after the others. LLT had left Chutku in the balcony and come down. The gal had not been keeping  well and  had still been brave enough to host us. V and I expressed our concern that she was going to have a tough time cleaning up all the mess, but she was sweet to pretend not to be bothered about it. Hope her House-Help didn’t ditch her the next day.

Well, that was the story of the blogger’s meet. Here are a couple of pictures:

The only time the kids were quiet for a few seconds-snack time

The gifts that S & I hauled from the meet. There’s a packet of dry fruits and chocolates missing here- it got gobbled up much before I could take this snap 😎


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  1. Wow! what fun 🙂
    I can imagine how much everyone must have had 😀 😀

  2. Woohooo! what a description…LOL on R asking you about the scarf..the dadi amma she is :):)

  3. garima permalink

    I too liked this sweet little daadi amma…
    It was a superb evening 🙂

  4. Lovely lovely pic of the kids. Loved your account.

    • Hi Tharani! Thanks for dropping by here and glad you liked it 🙂
      I know..the kids pic was too cute not to be put up 🙂

  5. Wow! So a super duper meet it was 🙂 🙂 So much fun 🙂 🙂
    Lovely gifts and loved the picture of the kids sitting for their snacks 🙂

    • Yeah, lots of fun it was LS..
      As I was telling Tharani, couldn’t resist putting up this pic of the kids 🙂

  6. Such a happy read this was Nithvin. I am so so J but happy for you all too!
    The kids look like the most obedient of all 😛 Very cutesy gifts 🙂

    • Nithvin permalink

      I know! Even I would have felt J had I read about a meet like this 🙂
      That was the ONLY time they were obedient, trust me 🙂

  7. Wow, it was amazing to read about the meet…
    Great gifts, i am sure S (and all the kids) enjoyed too…And so nice of her to share 🙂

    • Nithvin permalink

      The kids did seem to have enjoyed..
      Oh, S seems to have been bitten by the ‘sharing’ bug and is on a ‘sharing’ spree these days 🙂

  8. Hi Nithvin, Nice to read about the blogger’s meet. I am v. late:) Sorry, somehow I had lost track of your blog!

    • Glad you liked it Chattywren 🙂
      No Probs, I myself am losing track of my blog these days :))

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