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Wordless Wednesday-1

I have seen these Wordless Wednesday posts on fellow bloggers’ pages and found them really interesting! So, here is my first Wordless Wednesday post. But I am putting in a few words to explain the pictures ūüôā

I have never been to Switzerland, but our visit to Vagamon took me a bit closer to Switzerland. Yes, I got to see some Swiss cows there ūüėÄ The Kurusimala Ashram there runs an Indo- Swiss Dairy project . We trekked for nearly 1.5 to 2 km to reach the dairy farm as motor vehicles are not allowed up the hill where the ashram and dairy farm are located. I haven’t seen such lovely and healthy cows and the cowsheds were so clean! Go on, have a good look at the pictures and don’t worry, you will not even get a whiff of the strong ‘dungy’ smell that are so typical of cow sheds. No, I didn’t get them even there.

Bovine Beauties

Mini Cows..err.. Calves!


How I stood up

This happened to me about a year ago. My boss was traveling and he had left me in charge of most of the things at office he had been handling. I work in the Construction Industry and as such, days preceding a Project handover can be the most stressful ones. There was this project that our firm was handling and there were just a few days before the hand-over. Needless to say, Clients were anxious and we were out in our full strength trying to get things in order. From the Client’s side the MD himself was personally overseeing the final stages and from our firm’s side, the boss had put me in charge.

The Project site was a frenzy of activities with last minute paint touch-ups, clearing away materials and cleaning. The Client MD was worried about the cleaning part and I assured him the site supervisor had  been instructed and things would be in order before the hand-over.

One morning, I reached office and in some time received a call from the Client MD. He sounded very tensed and was actually shouting at the top of his voice. I was in my most polite tone and heard him out. He kept mentioning that some things were lying on the floor and this was not done and that was not done and that I was in efficient and didn’t care about the work that my boss had entrusted me with. I patiently tried explaining that things were getting sorted out, but he refused to listen. Now, it is an unwritten rule that ‘Client is King’ in the service providing sector and though I was getting angry at his unfair outburst, didn’t show it. He went on and on ¬†and I had no other option but ¬†to listen to him. At one point he screamed, ‘ You come here and clean the place every evening before you go home!’. I was stunned hearing those words and his tone. Tears immediately welled up my eyes and I just ¬†mumbled something and hung up.

I was shocked and felt humiliated because of those words. Now, I am the sort that believes in dignity of labour and think there is nothing wrong in cleaning something. But in a Corporate set up, the words he had used at me were just not ¬†ok as far I was concerned. Whether we like it or not, we all have our qualifications and positions in our Professional life. To shout at a ‘white collared’ person to do a ‘blue collared ‘ person’s job could only mean one thing- ¬†humiliation.

I sobbed for sometime. I was alone in the boss’s cabin and there was no one around. I just couldn’t get over it.¬†One doesn’t throw words like that at some one, how ever angry that person might be. Later, when I spoke to my boss, I narrated the episode and expressed my anguish at having been spoken to like that. I also told him that I wanted to tell the Client MD how he had hurt me with his words. My boss agreed that it was not the right thing to have been said and asked me to go ahead and speak to the Client if I wanted to.

I kept thinking about it throughout that evening and night. I discussed with V as well and he also encouraged me to bring it up with the Client and make him aware of the effect his words had on me. I dilly-dallied. Should I really confront him? Why can’t I just let it go.. Of what use would it be to anyone..All these thoughts kept cropping in my mind. But I was clear that I just didn’t approve of the words he had used and the humiliation it had caused. I made up my mind.

I interacted with him a few times on the phone over the next few days and the conversations were thankfully professional. But the hurt in me just refused to go. I wanted to talk to him in person. Finally, I had to go to his office and decided to talk to him. We had ¬†a discussion for some time and then I brought it up. I reminded him about the incident and told him how bad I had felt by his words. He just couldn’t comprehend at first and then when he did, he said that he didn’t mean it in that way. I replied that what ever way he had meant it, I didn’t find it appropriate and his words had upset me deeply. He said that he would never humiliate anyone and that he called even their office help as ‘Bai-ma’. I told him that all that was fine but his words had caused me a lot of pain. At that point, he got furious and told me that there was no point in talking to me as I just don’t ‘understand’. I told him not to bother and just moved away.

I was telling myself that I shouldn’t break down there and was trying to control my emotions. What do I call this attitude , I was struggling to think. Was it just a co-incidence that I happened to be a woman and he was insinuating I couldn’t ‘understand’ because of that? I know these are painfully personal feelings and chances are some one else might not have reacted in the same way I did. But it was¬†me. So, I would react in the way I deemed right.

He came up to me after some time and started the conversation again. He apologised and said that he didn’t really mean to humiliate me and if his words had made me feel just that, then he was really sorry about that. He went on to add that he respected women and wouldn’t ever do something disrespectful ¬†to women. That’s what I had wanted! I had wanted him to see that he just couldn’t talk anything how ever angry he might have been and get away with it. I very graciously ‘accepted’ his apology. I felt so light and relieved.

Does one have to fight against ‘physical’ harassment alone.. What about the other so many forms of subtle and not so subtle verbal ones.. What is your experience..

This is written for the I stood up Blogathon contest by Womensweb

Vagamon Vacation

We took a small vacation in Vagamon, Kerala in May. I was a bit apprehensive of traveling to Kerala at that time of the year because of the intense heat but we had no other option as the train tickets were available only after mid May. And to top it, rains in Kerala were also expected around that time. I had somehow got it in my mind to take S on a long train journey and this seemed the most feasible of all options. Also, I we wanted to go to a hill station that wasn’t too commercialised . So off we went.

We reached Ernakulam by train. It was a fourteen hour journey from Bangalore and the train was thankfully delayed only by half an hour. A short spell of rain welcomed us there. From Ernakulam, we went by a taxi to Vagamon. As we were climbing up, we were treated to some beautiful views. I found the hills much more friendlier as the altitude was not as much as Ooty or Kodaikanal.

Once again, we were welcomed by a shower of rain as we reached our hotel ! We stayed in a hotel which was part of a two hundred acre estate at Vagamon. On the evening we reached there, we ( S, V and myself) happened to be the only guests. We were joined by a family of four the next morning. We went on a tour of the estate the next morning by a jeep. The jeep ride ended with a boating in the estate’s lake. S had been waiting for only this since morning and nothing else seemed to interest her much. The pedal boat ride in the lake was what she loved the most!Later in the morning, we drove around Vagamon soaking in the sights. It has some lovely views and vast expanses of tea estates. The tourist crowd is concentrated the most in places like the Kurusimala Ashram, Murugan Temple, Dargah, Pine forest and Vagamon Meadows. The drive around the place was surprisingly traffic free. We missed a visit to the tea factory as we happened to be there on a second saturday and the factory ¬†was closed.

Now, I come to the high points of the vacation. As I mentioned, S was keen only in the water activities and the waterfall we visited there didn’t really satisfy her as we viewed it from quite a distance and she wasn’t able to get in to the water. The first high point was we trekked nearly two kilometers to a tunnel which had water flowing through it. We went down hill through winding paths and after what seemed like an eternity, emerged in to a clearing with a tunnel at the other end. We waded through water and reached the tunnel. The guide who accompanied us carried S on his shoulders and I managed to cross the water without slipping over the moss covered stones and falling down. It was pure glee for S to be in the water outside the tunnel. But the climb uphill was really daunting and made me realise how much my physical stamina had gone down. S, on her part, climbed for most of the way and then the guide and V took turns to carry her.

The second high point was boating in the estate lake a second time, the next day. Wondering what was special this time? Well, the three of us happened to go on a boat ride all by ourselves for nearly half an hour ! A lake all to ourselves! All thanks to S ūüôā Since we had some time the next morning before we had to check out of the hotel, we inquired with the manager if he could arrange for a boat ride for us. He obliged and we were driven to the lake in the jeep. That day was a busy day at the hotel as a bus full of tourists had arrived for sight seeing. As the jeep driver cum guide was cleaning the boats, he got a call from the hotel asking him to come there for some reason. He asked us to get in the boat and go as many rounds as we wanted and come back and dock the boat on the banks. Looking at our hesitation, he assured us that it was perfectly safe and he would be back soon. ¬†We discovered that it was fun and safe indeed!

We were circling in the waters for nearly half an hour and then successfully docked on the bank

We got back to Ernakulam that noon and it was then that my initial apprehension of visiting Kerala during May proved true. Was it hot! I should remember it the next time we plan a visit during summer. That and the leeches that emerge out of no where and wait for your blood at the first hint of rain. Other than these two, I assure you it was a cosy and comfy vacation.

Ewww..Leech bite on V’s foot

The giant cauldron at the Ernakulam Palace  where we stopped by briefly

The Message

‘Congrats! Heard you are getting married..’ ¬†She finally sent the message after staring at the words for a few minutes. She had been thinking from morning if she should be sending the message. It was close to noon now and she felt relieved to have finally sent it. Now all that remained was to wait for the response.

She kept staring at her mobile every few minutes to see if she had missed any calls or had received a new message. She ¬†began getting restless. Had she got the numbers right from her memory ? She had not saved the number on her phone and had just typed the numbers she had memorised almost a month ago. Her mind kept imagining all the possible replies she might receive. It just didn’t help that all this was in the middle of a busy workday.

Her heart leaped when she noticed her phone screen beginning to light up..But wait! Her phone was ringing and not beeping ! It was not an incoming  message, but a call! The pounding in her heart became louder when she recognised the STD code preceding the strange land line number. She knew that it had to be from the person from whom she was expecting a reply message, but why was he calling her? She had not expected this. She took a deep breath and picked up the phone.

“Hello!” She tried to keep her voice steady.

“Hello?” The male voice continued, ” This is V from Chennai. I got a message from this number in the morning. Who is this?”

“Err..This is N” she mumbled, holding her breath for the reaction from the other end.

“N? from Bangalore?” the other end cried excitedly.

She flushed. “How many N’s does he know”, she thought to herself. ¬†She decided to be impish with him.

“No, N from Pune”, she said with a suppressed grin.

“From Pune! How did you get to know about my marriage ..”, he sounded surprised.

She just couldn’t take it anymore. “This is¬†N, from Bangalore! “, she burst out.

“What! N !” There was no missing the shocked surprise in his voice.

” Yes! And how many N’s do you know by the way”, she inquired haughtily.

“, just you “, he said sheepishly. She started to laugh. ” Then why did you sound convinced when I told you I was N from Pune?”, she was not going to miss her chance to pull his leg.

” When you said you were from Pune, I assumed you must be my colleague K’s wife”, he replied.

” My God! I can’t believe you didn’t recognise my voice”, she tried to sound miffed.

“Sorry!”, he tried to pacify her. Of course, he was ¬†sweet enough not to mention that it was the first time he was hearing her voice on the phone and it might have been different from her voice in person. She was after all going to be his fianc√©e soon and he couldn’t afford to annoy her. Their alliance had been finalised only two days ago and he had not even in his wildest dreams expected such a message from her!

That message and the resultant phone call paved the way for the courtship between the two in the short one month preceding their engagement . She later got to know from his close friend and colleague CK that she had seen him blush for the first time after that first phone call to her.¬† She never missed an opportunity to remind him that she had taken the first step to contact him. He knew he couldn’t have the last word on that.


He was at office and she at home. She messaged him a little after noon. Her phone rang in a couple of minutes.

“What message was that?”, he sounded anxious.

“What message?”, she asked him back.

“Congrats! Heard you are getting married..”, he read it seriously.

“Yes. What date is it?”, she inquired.

“Oh..ok! ¬†I got it! Your first message to me all those years ago!”, his voice was relaxed now.

“Precisely!”, she replied. He then hung up and she went back to her Internet surfing.

Ah, some messages never fail to shock surprise some people!

Big Bang – 1

Last Saturday..

About 9.45 in the night..

V was not in town and as is usual when he and MIL are not in town, my brother was coming to our place for the night. I had come to my parents’ place that afternoon with S and after dining out with amma, sis and bro, S & I along with brother set out to our place. Just as we were about tot start, it drizzled a little. Appa offered to drop us in the car but i refused as he himself was not keeping well and my brother had to come back home the next morning and appa would have to drive once again to pick him up. We stay just about 3-4 kms away fom my parents’ place and my brother always gets his bike when he comes there.

Most of the times, he doesn’t wear a helmet when he is coming there inspite of repeated reminders from us. But that night, we had to force him to wear it. Though it drizzled for two minutes and stopped, we didn’t want him to catch a cold as he was just getting better from a bout of cold he hed caught last week. I realised that I had not got S’s scarf along but mine was in my bag and like a dutiful mother wrapped it around her head and took an umbrella with me jut in case it started pouring mid way. I made her sit in the middle between me and my brother to make it easier to sheild her with an umbrella in case of rain.

My brother ( Referred to as SR from now on) started the bike and headed in the opposite direction to the one we usually take. It didn’t really matter since we could go home on any one of the numrous roads from there. The roads were deserted considering the time and we were just chatting with S and riding by. We left the residential road and were nearing a junction beyond which was a stretch of commercial establishments. Four roads merged at the junction and it is a usual, mostly residential and patly commercial area, except that the junction is not exactly perpendicular and is a bit tricky if you are not watching out.

We were halfwayy through the junction and suddenly saw a Maruti van with it’s headlights on coming at full speed from the left. All I remember is gasping at the speed of the van and it’s headlights that were so close. The next second I was on the ground and could hear S’s piercing cry. It was just two minutes since we had left home.

And suddenly from nowhere, I heard so many anxious voices above me¬† trying to help me up. I had fallen on my right side and only remember seeing everything in dark, though the halogen street lights were on. I tried to get up and go to S but just couldn’t move my left leg. I had no clue where she or SR were, and S’s cry was not from near, though she had been sitting on my lap. The first things I said were, ” I juts can’t move and please get my specs..they have fallen some where.. my daughter..” . Luckily, some one managed to retrieve my specs and hand it to me and I was finally heaved up and moved to the pavement and made to sit there. And even though I couldn’t walk, I managed to slip my feet in to my slippers that had fallen down. Yes, some people have their priorities right even during a crisis ! Someone offered me water , but I refused it as I wasn’t thirsty, but in hindsight it seems so foolish. I told them to give it to my daughter and then she was brought and made to sit next to me. She was crying incosolably and I couldn’t even lift her. I just hugged her and she seemed to calm down. I was asked who else was with me and someone said there is a guy and it was assumed it was my hubby. I told them that it was my brother.

I was surprised at the crowd that had gathered at that hour and even more at the help that was pouring in. Bottles and jugs of water were passed on to us. blood was trickling down my face and someone took my hanky from my hands, wet it and pressed it near my left eyebrow. Just then, SR came in to view . He came limping and sat down. We were asked if somebody had to be informed or if they could call an ambulance. SR told them that our dad was on his way. Meanwhile, someone told us that our bags were safe and we needn’t worry about them. I saw a lady in a white kurta with my handbag and another bag that I was carrying. Another lady asked me if I would like some water poured on my left knee where it was hurting. I nodded and she did that.¬† S didn’t visibly hurt but she had stopped crying but was in shock.

Then I saw my Parents and sister approaching us and they went to S to lift her up. She started crying loudly again and someone suggested that sh e be left with me for somtime. Finally someone-don’t remember appa, or amma or sister, coaxed her and lifted her up from there. We had to be taken to a hospital and a couple of them actually offered to take us in their cars! Our family friends also came there and then¬† appa, sister and S got in to appa’s car. Amma, SR and I got in to another car and we have no idea who that person is. They handed over our bags and asked us to check if all our valubles were safe. i didn’t bother and just asked my sister to collect them. I wanted to thank the people who had helped us, though I couldn’t thank each one personally. I managed to wave at everyone like a politician¬† at call out ‘thank you all so much’. One man came up to amma and took down our contact number and said that we could get in touch with him if we needed any help and that he was from the media. We thnked him and though it was in the back of my mind that we didn’t have his contact number, I was in no state to ask him for his and note it down somewhere. The lady in white kutra also asked us to be brave and I nodded to her. Another man came upto amma and told her not to worry.¬†I was overwhelmed. none of us could beleive that we had received so much of help from all those good samaritans whom we might in all probability nver meet again.

I must post our visit to hospitals and all other related things in the next post. For now, I shall conclue that I have a fracture on my left leg, SR has a fracture on his left hand and by God’s grace, S has escaped unhurt!

Super Six !

It has been six years since V and I met for the first time. The day which eventually led to the merging of our lives. Little did I know that the Payyan in blue denims and blue shirt who had come to see this Ponnu would end up becoming the first Maapillai of our family.

These six years have seen so many changes in our lives- me relocating to Chennai after our wedding, Birth of S, S & I relocating back to B’lore, V & MIL joining us after a year, moving in to our new house- it actually comes close to one change per year!

We have been through it all- the initial romance phase, just engaged phase, getting to know each other phase, newlyweds phase, lovey dovey couple phase, we fight occasionally phase, expecting parents phase, brand new parents phase, young parents phase, fighting most of the times phase and now we are in the ‚Äėno point, but to accept each other phase‚Äô. We still have a lot more phases to go through and with S with¬†us , I am sure it is going to be an eventful journey together.

And the other¬†special reason that I shall always remember this day is it was the first time I saw that glow and twinkle in V’s eyes and that is something¬†I will cherish for ever.

Sweet Somethings

  • ‘ Your Cheeks are so soft, just like a baby’s ! ‘
  • ‘ You are my baby! ‘
  • ‘Mmmhaaaa..I just love your fragrance! ‘
  • ‘ These chips are for you. Keep them in your bag and eat them when you are hungry at office..’
  • On the train, when the attender is serving us tea, ‘ Where is your’s? Has he given you tea? ‘ and rests only after seeing the cup in my hands.
  • When we are coming back after checking out a new Eat-out near our place and when¬†I start walking, just to stretch my legs, ‘ Stop! Don’t go alone! You will get lost if you lose your way back home! ‘
  • ‘ When will put your second eye drops? After 10 minutes? What if you forget them..’
  • ‘ Don’t go to Doctor C if she is going to inject you! ‘
  • ‘I will also not stay at home if you are not there..’

No, it’s not V here at his romantic best or my¬†appa and amma¬†at their parental best. Yes, it is S, at her baby best ūüôā

Sweetheart S, when did you grow up so much baby! One moment you are this cranky four year old crying that ‘Chota Bheem’ has got over on the television and the next moment you are saying something like the above to make me go ‘Awww…’ Love you baby!


Writing a post on how I chose S’s name had been there on my mind from quite sometime and after reading RM’s¬†post , wanted to do so now.

My hunt for name searching began as soon as V and I decided to go in for our baby. Talk about thinking ahead!  Plan for the future and forget the present , so very typical of me.

¬†Any browsing on the net was incomplete without a name search. At that time, all that mattered to me was that the name should be appealing and with some sensible meaning. When I was younger, I used to like the name ‘Neha’ a lot. When ever I used to think about my future kids, the names would be from ‘N’. Even the dream husband’s name would be from N! Anyway V just got lucky as the ‘N’ phase faded away as I grew up.

So, my name search just continued¬† through most of¬†my pregnancy. I don’t think V bothered as much. Once in a while he would come up with some name and I would be like ‘no way’!. There were so many nice sounding and lovely names but I could not zero in on any one. All the search used to leave me with head aches and I finally gave up¬†and decided to give¬†it a break. ‘Let the baby come out first’, I used to tell V, ‘we will decide then’.

Finally S arrived. And ¬†then we had only 11 days for the naming ceremony. I began to get¬†anxious again. The same thing- no name seemed appealing, now that I had at last seen my baby. And no, I didn’t ask for any suggestions as I thought that would only confuse things even more. I was adamant that I should be the one to find the name for my daughter.

Then, on the third day, just as I woke up in the morning at the hospital, S’s present name popped in my head. I mean, just like that. And very surprisingly, in all those months of searching, I had never once¬†come across that name! No, her¬†name is not an unique or uncommon¬† name but this name had evaded my thoughts for so long! That was it, I was hooked to the name. It was all the more special as it started with ‘S’- I have a fascination for this alphabet I think.

None of¬†our relatives had this name nor did any one in¬†our circle of friends. I shared the name with V and he¬† liked it too. By dropping the S in her name, you get another name as well, but I was interested in the ‘S’ name only. And it could also be shortened in to a nice pet name. Again, not uncommon but still sweet. Since V didn’t come up with anything more interesting, ‘S’ itself was decided.

When we shared the name with the others, everyone liked it. No body had anything to say against it. My brother was super thrilled that his darling niece was to share a name starting with the¬†same alphabet as his.¬†My chitti did mention that she thought we would come up with something¬†from a combination of mine and V’s name but¬†she liked S’s name as well.Actually,¬†I had thought of ‘combination’ names but the resulting names were so common and I didn’t really like them enough to give them to my daughter. And should I mention that I just envy couples who¬†are so well name co-ordinated that they can just combine parts of their names and give a fancy name to the offspring!

So ‘S’ she is.It was a case of the name choosing the baby.¬†We gave her 7 names totally during the naming ceremony- Her official name ‘S’,one¬†name after the star she was born under, my granny and great granny’s names, V’s aunt’s name, family goddess name¬† and another name with ‘A’ which I had liked.¬†Inspite of these 7 names, her¬†birth certificate doesn’t carry her name and she is only mentioned as baby of¬†N and V in that. ¬†The hospital sent her BC for registration the second or third day itself and we decided on her name only after that. Talk of having so many names and still be ‘nameless’ on your BC!

And so, when I told one of my friends about S’s name, she was like she would never forget my daughter’s name as it was the heroine’s name in¬† a popular movie! And to think that I had not watched that movie till then! Even now, I haven’t watched the complete movie, just watched bits and pieces of it to hear the heroine’s name in it ūüôā

The other day, V and I went to the bank for some formalities and filled up some forms. The Branch Manager(BM) got all excited on seeing S’s name on the form.

BM: Oh! Your daughter’s name is S! My daughter’s name is also S!

Me: Ok!

BM: So why did you name her as S?

Me: Err..that was the name that first came to my mind at the hospital and I just loved it..

BM: Ok.. I watched this movie some 7 times and really liked the heroine’s name in it. That’s why named my daughter as ‘S’

I give him a knowing laugh ūüôā

S once asked me why did I give her that name and I replied that I liked the name a lot and that’s why. She was like, “Amma, I like the name ‘P’ very much. Why didn’t you give me that name?’. So I told her , ‘P is a boy’s name. You are a girl, no? Amma liked your name a lot and that’s why gave you that name. P’s amma would have liked that name and so has given P that name, ok?’. She seemed to understand.She nodded her head and left it at that.

May be she will grow up and end up not liking her name because it is not ‘unique’ or ‘different’. But to me her name is the sweetest and I love it more than my name!


Green Basket


First harvest from our home garden.

The outermost bigger leaves are Palak (Spinach), the smaller ones are molai keerai (Amaranth) and then a couple of bittergourds which are in the center.

Here’s another close up picture. Yes, yes, I am showing off big time ūüôā

Greens 2

Why I like ‘Mayil’

I finally finished reading ‘Mayil will not¬†be quiet’ by Sowmya Rajendran & Niveditha Subramaniam last week. Though it takes only a couple of hours, I just couldn’t finish reading it at one go because I started reading it on a working day. I finally finished reading it in intervals like a bed time story!

This is what I liked about Mayil.. If you have not read the book, please read no further. You don’t want to spoil the fun for yourself by reading this before reading the original, do you?

  1. Mayil brought back memories of my adoloscent years.¬† When I was 10 or 12, all I used to read were books by ‘foreign’ authors, which were mostly available. What ever books were available by ‘Indian’ authors were mostly classics. To read a contemporary¬†diary of an Indian girl by Indian authors was so refreshing and created an instant connect.
  2. Loved it that Mayil likes ‘vendakka’-not ‘Lady’s finger’ or “Bhindi’ but¬†plain, old ‘vendakka’-¬†that’s such a favourite with kids and was mine too!
  3. Topics like ‘sex’, ‘transgenders’ have been handled so well¬†with so much sensitivity.
  4. Was heartening to notice that Mayil did not own a mobile phone! Such a relief!
  5. Loved her mom’s character as well. Now that I am a mom, I could identify with her mom as well! Now, I don’t remember when was the last time¬†I could identify with both daughter(child) and mom(adult)character¬†in a book.
  6.  Curiosity about boys, admitting that in a diary, and then feeling embarrassed about it are so familiar and made me nostalgic.
  7. Yes,¬†the ‘High Quality Pure Veg’ mention didn’t miss my eyes ūüėČ But why though? just curious..

I think I can go on, but let me just stop here. Was disappointed that the diary was only for a year or so, but hope there is a sequel to it soon.

I have already intoduced the book to S. The day I got it, she was cranky and was throwing a tantrum. I just showed her the book and told her that I have got it for her and she could read it when is 10 years old. She calmed down for some time,hugged the book close to her and then started looking at the illustrations. I am sure she would love the book too.

As they say, last , but not the least, loved Sowmya’s dedication line ‘And for M, for believing that I already am the best.’ That made me feel so sentimental. S. & N., you gals rock!